Alpha Automation Inc.

Since 1986 Alpha Automation has been engineering and manufacturing unique electronic instruments, controls and precision mechanisms across a wide range of applications worldwide.

Most of our clients prefer not to be bogged down with the details of engineering and manufacturing, They rather present us with technical and marketing specifications, and allow us to apply the appropriate technologies to achieve the desired results. We can also relieve the client of the intricacies of the manufacturing by producing smaller quantities in house, or performing a complete technology transfer to one of our (or their) volume manufacturing partners.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your engineering needs and how we can work together. There is never a fee for discussion and review of specifications and wish lists, written or verbal. Typical starting point is to for us to execute a non-disclosure agreement supplied by your organization, followed by a phone call or site visit. Our facility in Ewing Township, New Jersey is always open for your inspection.

SMG Sportplatzmachinebau

Since 1975 SMG has been dealing with the development of modern machinery for the installation of synthetic surfaces in the sports industry. Also for the maintenance of artificial turf or carpets with granule infilling SMG has already presented the world‘s first innovations since the 80s. For about 35 years SMG has been offering a unique range of machinery. As a pioneer in the special sector „synthetic sports surfaces and artificial turf“ SMG disposes of recognized competence and experience since decades.


SMG manufactures customised construction machines for the professional laying of jointless, permanent elastic sports surfaces. Our mixing, paving as well as structural spraying machines are especially designed for the implementation of Insitu applications in indoor and outdoor areas. Projects ranging from standardised children’s playgrounds up to an IAAF-certified athletic stadium are possible. All conventional granulates, liquid components and binders used in the installation of synthetic sports surfaces can be processed by SMG machines.


Since nearly 20 years SMG has been developing and producing tools, devices and machines for the installation and maintaining of artificial turf. The product range varies from installation carts over cutting tools up to effective infill machines for sand and rubber granulate. For the suitable maintenance of artificial turf surfaces SMG offers over 10 different maintenance and cleaning machines. Manually operated devices for mini pitches, rideon machines variable sized and equipped, different attachments for tractors achieve every customer request. The maintenance and cleaning features of the SMG-machines meet the suggested maintenance guide lines of the grass suppliers, UEFA and FIFA. The most of the SMG-machines can also do the necessary basic and deep cleaning. Machines for non-filled artificial grass e.g. hockey pitches complete the product range.

Growing innovations

Growing Innovations, LLC is an advocacy firm dedicated to creating and promoting new solutions to the old challenges of natural grass playing fields. Growing Innovations collaborates with partners around the world to create new and specific solutions for high-use sports surfaces. Growing Innovations' inspiration comes from Albert Einstein: “We can not solve our problems with the same thinking that we used to create them.”


The main objective of Wassing GmbH is the development of measurement technology in the domains sports mechanics and automation of laboratory and industry. Wassing develops devices and partial solutions to serve very special tasks. Their speciality is to combine already developed or otherwise known solutions with new developments. Wassing is able to build adequate solutions very quickly and economically. At the development of a product Wassing always considers additional demands such as reliability, independence, ease of use and possibility to connect to existing systems. Wassing gained worldwide recognition mainly by developing the Securisport and Sestée, they set the standard for these particular domains.

Atlas Material Testing Technology

For more than 90 years, Atlas has pioneered innovations in the way companies test the durability of their products. From their first instrument in 1915 – the Solar Determinator – which simulated the fading effect the sun has on fabric, to today’s comprehensive network of weathering testing instruments and services. Atlas is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has its European headquarters in Linsengericht, Germany. Atlas has two design and manufacturing sites for the internationally accepted Weather-Ometer® and Xenotest® line of test instruments. With the combined resources of Atlas Material Testing Technology their clients can have expert assistance in all areas related to natural and laboratory weathering and material testing solutions. They work together to provide the clients with a test program that will supply the data needed to make informed material performance decisions.

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