HIC Tester

The quality of the foundation plays an important role in determining the safety of various surfaces like playgrounds. When this is too hard, serious head injuries can be the result of a fall. For this reason the critical drop height has been determined as a standard, this is the EN 1177 norm. The Head Injury Criteria (HIC) Impact Tester has been developed by Deltec and enables to determine this critical value by means of a test. The HIC Impact Tester is practical in use as it is supplied with a measuring case including a built-in gel battery that does not rely on external power. The device is supplied with a tripod, altimeter and special GValue software. The software also contains a tool that generates a ready report after carrying out the test procedure, ideal for internal or customer purposes. The HIC Impact Tester consists of a hemisphere (artificial head) supplied with a tri-axial acceleration sensor that registers the accelerations that occur during the impact. The HIC value is then being calculated. Another feature is the determination of the critical drop height. This is the drop height with a HIC value of 1000. The critical drop height is determined at different points of the test area.

Your benefits:

  • Real-time measuring results
  • Mobile and flexible in use
  • Magnetic release, no external influences
  • Tri-axial sensor for highest precision
  • Data Acquisition Device with own power supply
  • Special GValue software
  • Standard reporting tool within software
  • Built-in EN 1177 check


Applications: Rugby, playgrounds, rubber tiles, sand, gravel, woodchips, grass, pavement

Standards: EN 1177, EN 15330

HIC Value Software

HIC Reporting Tool

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