Head Injury Criteria (HIC) Tester

The quality of the surface plays an important role in safety in various sports- and playground surfaces. If the surface is too hard, serious injury can occur in the event of a fall. For this reason, a standard has been created (EN 1177 and/or ASTM F1292) which can indicate the critical fall height (CFH) of a specific surface.

The Head Injury Criteria (HIC) Impact Tester has been developed by Deltec Equipment and makes it possible to determine the critical fall height through a fall test.

The HIC Impact Tester consists of an artificial head with an integrated tri-axial sensor that measures the acceleration that occurs during the impact. This is translated by the software into a HIC and G value. A second functionality is the determination of the critical fall height (CFH). This is the drop height at which the HIC value / G force is exactly 1000HIC and/or 200g. The critical fall height is determined based on various measurements on the surface. The polynomial that first reaches the limit of 1000HIC or 200g indicates the critical fall height. This standard is a combination of the old EN 1177 and ASTM F1292 standard.

The HIC Impact Tester is practical to use and comes with the DAD (Data Acquisition Device) measuring case which is self-serving with a built-in NiMH battery. No external power supply is therefore required. The wireless application has a tool that can be used to generate a report directly and automatically after testing, ideal for internal or external use. The DAD case can also be connected to other Proline equipment.

Your benefits:

  • Real-time measurement results in the measurement app and display.
  • Per the latest version EN 1177:2018
  • Mobile and flexible in use
  • Tri-axial sensor for highest precision
  • Data Acquisition Device with own power supply


Applications: Rugby, playgrounds, rubber tiles, sand, gravel, wood chips, grass


Standards: EN 1177:2018, EN 15330, ASTM 1292

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