Rotational Resistance Tester (Lightweight)

The interaction between the player and the field is an important factor in determining the traction properties of a field. Various sports associations such as FIFA and FIH have written standards for the properties of an artificial grass pitch. And there are also experimental tests on natural grass.

One of these standards is the torsional or rotational resistance of a field. If the resistance of the field is too large (> 50 Nm), it can cause nasty injuries for the players. If the resistance is too low (<30 Nm), this has consequences for the grip, causing the athlete to slip. For these reasons, FIFA, among others, has decided to draw up a standard for the rotational resistance of artificial grass pitches.

A test foot with studs is loaded with a spring construction up to 450N force. The torque moment in Newton meters is then determined with a torque wrench. Furthermore, the lightweight Rotational Resistance Tester has special bearings to minimize the rotational resistance during rotation. Special attention has also been given to the ergonomics of the device. Partly due to the new FIFA 06a standard, it is possible to achieve a weight saving of 80% and the total weight is now around 7 kilos. Something that greatly benefits mobility on the measurement field. (Note: the device is not yet CEN accredited, it does, however, give comparable torque measurement values).

Your benefits:

  • A high degree of reproducibility.
  • Exact measurement due to high-value torque wrench.
  • 80% lighter than the official EN model.
  • Only 7.2 KG.


Applications: Soccer, Rugby

Standards: (EN 15301), (EN 15330), FIFA 06a


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