Angle Ball Projector

Organisations like FIFA and FIH have specific requirements for artificial turf. One of the requirements is the Angle Ball Rebound. Deltec developed an Angle Ball Projector to determine the ball bouncing characteristics of the surface. This portable pneumatic ball projector launches the ball with exactly 50 km/h at the required 15 degrees angle. The projector is completely self-supporting regarding energy when used in the field, so it can be used under all kinds of circumstances. The ball is launched without spin and with a very accurate reproducible speed. The reproducibility exceeds the FIFA demands by far. A radar gun (not supplied by Deltec) measures the horizontal speed before and after the ball bounce. The Angle Ball Rebound percentage can be determined with these values. The percentage must be determined under dry and wet conditions. The projector comes with a transport box and energy box. There are versions available for soccer, hockey, cricket, tennis and golf.

Your benefits

  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Does not rely on external power
  • Portable
  • Ball launch without spin
  • Precise angle by means of measuring device
  • Always the correct speed
  • Exchangeable barrel for different balls

Applications: Football, Rugby, Hockey, Handball

Standards: EN 13865, EN 15330, FIFA 02

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