Club Ramp

One important factor in assessing artificial turf surfaces is the interaction between the ball and the field. The various sports federations such as FIFA have set up a number of requirements for artificial turf. The ball roll characteristic is one of them. Especially for clubs, municipalities, installers and maintenance companies, Deltec developed the Club Ramp to test the ball roll.


  • The ball has to be positioned at 1 meter height
  • 45 degree slope with 2 rails
  • Smooth transition from ramp to surface by means of a 500mm radius

The distance of the continued rolling of the ball is measured. This measurement is taken in several directions and different locations on the field.

Your benefits:

  • Complies with the requirements
  • No ball jumping
  • In leighweight aluminium
  • Collapsible
  • Compact mechanism
  • Fast and easy testing of surfaces

Applications: Football, Hockey
Standards: EN 12234, EN 15330, FIFA 03

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