Infill Splash Tester

This test is to capture the infill splash which occurs with the impact of a ball on a test sample. For the impact of the ball the Angle Ball Projector (optional) is used and for the capturing of the infill splash a high-speed camera according the specifications of the FIFA 2024-14 standards.

The resulting images are analyzed, with the infill appearing as black pixels against a white background. From these images, the density of the infill splash is calculated as a percentage of black-to-white pixels, and the angle ball rebound is determined by measuring the ratio of the ball’s velocities before and after impact.

This method provides both visual representation and numerical rankings to assess the splash characteristics of the turf system, enabling both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data.

Deltec Infill Splash Tester
Deltec Splash Tester Case


Package includes:

  • High-end High-Speed monochrome camera with lens
  • A-brand Laptop
  • LED Screen
  • Video editor software
  • Dedicated Splash Software
  • Small accessories

Application: Football

Standards: FIFA 2024-14

Optional: Angle Ball Projector, Hand Pulled Roller (EN12229:2014)

Deltec Splash Test
Deltec Splash Test

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