Lisport Wear Tester

A number of requirements have been set as a standard by various sports federations such as FIFA, FIH and IAAF. One of the requirements is the durability of artificial turf. Deltec developed the Lisport Wear Tester in order to test the Simulated Mechanical Abrasion as described by the FIFA and CEN. The Lisport Wear Tester is able to perform two wear simulations: the Random Forced Slip or the Transverse Movement and measures the simulated mechanical abrasion. These tests are prescribed for wearing surfaces to prevent the formation of patterns in accordance with the CEN and latest FIFA guidelines. This makes it possible to compare different wear simulations from your own and other labs with just one machine. The side drawer enables easy installation of samples, inspection and pouring in rubber. Furthermore a gutter has been installed to collect excess rubber and filling material. By means of transparent covers, the complete process can be observed clearly.

Your benefits:

  • Two known FIFA tests in one machine (Transeverse Movement standard, Random Forced Slip optional)
  • Telescopic tray for easy sample inspection and exchange
  • Sample spanner system for quick and easy fixing
  • Automatic level control
  • Touchscreen interface with different operator levels
  • According to NEN 15306
  • High transparency

Extra features:

  • Special designed sinus wear pattern on cylinders
  • Flexible sample length
  • Fast change cassette system for different wear cylinders
  • Automatic infill collection system standard

Applications: Voetbal

Standards: EN 15306, FIFA 09

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