Field Tester

The Field Tester from Deltec Equipment is a lightweight, simple and quickly operable test device, that measures shock absorption, vertical deformation, and energy restitution of various sports surfaces such as football, athletics, and indoor sports.

The Field Tester is a development of the 3A but then easier to carry and easier to operate. The Field Tester has a built-in universal axial speed sensor and uses a similar spring and footplate to have better comparable results with a 3A.

The newest Field Tester comes with a wireless measurement application that is compatible with iOS. The application generates fast results that are stored in the application immediately after the measurement as well as read on the screen.

The fall mechanism is very user-friendly and easy to move with its weight of approximately 10 kilos. In 2A mode, the device can also be used on athletics and indoor sports floors and can operate without permanent power supply through the internal NiMH 12V battery pack. The latest addition to the measuring range is CIST / Gm values of a Clegg Hammer that can be read directly with the rest of the measuring results.

Professional test equipment is no longer the exclusive domain of laboratories and synthetic turf producers. Deltec Equipment introduces the Field Tester especially for installers, maintenance companies, municipalities and clubs/groundsmen, with which one can monitor the quality of the maintenance of various sports and playing surfaces and measure the desired technical characteristics.

Applications: Football: hybrid, artificial and natural grass in 3A mode, and in 2A mode other sports surfaces such as indoor floors and athletics tracks.

Your Benefits

  • Comparable results with official measuring equipment
  • FR, VD, ER + CIST / Gm
  • Very easy to use (one-button operation)
  • Lightweight (10 kg in total)
  • Compact (80 cm long tube)
  • Improved Oled display


Mobile measuring application:

  • An application that immediately saves all measurements.
  • Export function in PDF and XLS.
  • Improved calculations for more specific measurements
  • Can store up to 100 measurements.
  • GPS, date, time, temperature and humidity are recorded per measurement.

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