Advanced Artificial Athlete Tester (LW-3A)

The Light Weight (LW) 3A is an advanced development of the original Deltec (3A)Advanced Artificial Athlete which is a combination of the Berlin and Stuttgart Athlete. It measures shock absorption, vertical deformation and energy restitution, but now in a light, compact and travel friendly setup.

The (LW) 3A has a built-in uni axial speed sensor and uses a triple milled 10 kN spring. As a result, the 3A has become a much more practical device compared to the 2A. The sensor determines the shock absorption, vertical deformation and energy refund in one and the same fall conform the CEN/TS 16717. The LW-3A records the acceleration as a time function during the fall.

The LW-3A Impact Tester comes with a practical wireless measurement application which is compatible with the latest iOS. The application generates fast and precise results and can be stored in the application immediately after the measurement took place and can be read in the DAD (Data Acquisition Device) case. Everything works according to the applicable standards CEN16717 and ASTM F3189.

The fall mechanism is ultra-light, assembly friendly and easy to move. The device can be used in the field and can operate without a permanent power supply through an internal NiMH 12V battery package in the DAD case. The DAD case can also be connected to other Proline equipment.

Your benefits:

  • Conform the official standards.
  • Ultra-light frame of 12.5Kg.
  • Assembly friendly for travel in suitcases.
  • A high degree of reproducibility.
  • Measurements immediately in a digital measurement report.
  • Real-time measurement results on DAD case display and mobile application.
  • Data Acquisition Device with an internal battery pack
  • Optional:
      • Export in PDF and Excel
      • WI-FI Cloud data storage
      • Raw Data excel export


Applications: Football, Hockey, Rugby

Standards: CEN/TS 16717, FIFA 04a, FIFA 05a, FIFA 13, ASTM F3189

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