5A Impact Tester

The 5A Impact Tester is used for testing shock absorption, vertical deformation and energy restitution on various sports surfaces.

In fact, the 5A consists of a combination of the classic Berlin / Stuttgart Artificial Athlete (2A), and the successor, the Advanced Artificial Athlete (3A). The 2A is suitable for measuring the shock absorption (Berlin Athlete) and the vertical deformation (Stuttgart Athlete). The 3A also adds the energy refund and uses an acceleration sensor instead of a pressure force load cell and 2 pick-ups at the 2A. The 5A Impact Tester is a flexible device that can be used as a 2A or as a 3A.

Various international sports associations are currently prescribing the 2A, but it is expected that the 3A will be prescribed more in the future. Until then, with the 5A, you always have the right device at your disposal.

The 5A Impact Tester comes with a practical wireless measuring application that is compatible with iOS. The application generates fast and precise results and can be stored in the application immediately after the measurement took place as well as read in the DAD (Data Acquisition Device) case. Everything works according to the applicable standards CEN16717 / F3189 and EN14808-09 which form the basis of the 5A Impact Tester from Deltec Equipment.

The fall mechanism is user-friendly and easy to move. The device can also be used in the field and can operate without a permanent power supply through an internal NiMH 12V battery pack in the DAD case. The DAD case can also be connected to other Proline equipment.


Your benefits:

  • A high degree of reproducibility
  • Complies with 3A and 2A standards.
  • Real-time measurement results on DAD case display and mobile application
  • Mobile and flexible in use
  • Quick and easy testing
  • Via Wifi Cloud data storage and export in PDF and Excel
  • Data Acquisition Device with internal battery pack


Applications: Football, Hockey, Rugby, Athletics, Handball, Basketball


Standards: CEN / TS 16717 ASTM F3189 EN 14808, EN 14809, EN 14904, EN 15330, FIFA 04a, FIFA 05a, FIFA 13, DIN 18032-2, ASTM F2157-02


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