5A IMPACT Tester

The 5A Impact Tester is used for testing shock absorption, standard vertical deformation and energy restitution of various sports surfaces. Actually the 5A consists of a combination of the classic Artificial Athlete (2A) and its successor the Advanced Artificial Athlete (Triple-A). The AA is suitable for measuring the shock absorption (Berlin athlete or force reduction or resilience) and the standard vertical deformation (or Stuttgart athlete, or surface stability). The Triple-A added the energy restitution and uses an accelerometer instead of a load cell and two displacement sensors, which are used by the 2A. The 5A Impact Tester is a flexible device and can be used as a 2A or as a Triple-A. The FIFA currently prescribes the 2A. Possibly this will be changed so the Triple-A will also be permitted. With the new 5A Impact Tester you can use either method. The device is used in the field and does not rely on external power supply as it has a built-in 24V battery in the DAD-case. The drop mechanism is user-friendly and easy to move. The 5A Impact Tester comes with practical measuring software compatible with Microsoft Windows that produces fast and accurate readings that can be stored after each measurement. All of this complies with the guidelines 14808 and 14809 as described in the CEN and in the current and future FIFA quality concept test methods handboo

Your benefits:

  • High level of reproducibility
  • 2 + 1 test results in one measurement
  • FIFA approved now and in the future
  • Real-time measuring results
  • Mobile and flexible in use
  • Fast & easy testing of surfaces
  • Data save & export to MS Excel
  • Data Acquisition Device with own power supply

Applications: Football, Hockey (impact response and pile pad deformation), Rugby, Athletics, Handball, Basketball
Standards: EN 14808, EN 14809, EN 14904, EN 15330, FIFA 04, FIFA 05, DIN 18032-2, ASTM F2157-02

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