Vertical Ball Rebound Tester

The Vertical Ball Rebound Tester is used for the analysis of the ball rebound properties of a sports surface. The device drops a ball from a certain height, after which the ball bounces again. A sensitive microphone registers the first and second bounce.

The Deltec Equipment Vertical Ball Rebound Tester is a mobile and solid test device and distinguishes itself through user-friendliness. External influences are excluded by releasing the ball at the push of a button from the software.

The supplied measuring application calculates the height of the bounce through the registered time between the two bounces. The formula is prescribed by the relevant sports association such as FIFA, ITF, FIH, FIBA.

That is why the DAD (Data Acquisition Device) case has its power supply in the form of a NiMH battery and is not dependent on the normal mains. The fall mechanism is user-friendly and easy to move. The DAD case can also be connected to other Proline equipment.

Your benefits:

  • A high degree of reproducibility
  • Exact measurement based on acoustics
  • Ball release with magnet
  • Various balls with magnetic plate included
  • Measurements immediately in a digital measurement report
  • Real-time measurement results on DAD case display and mobile application
  • Via WI-FI Cloud data storage and export in PDF and Excel
  • Data Acquisition Device with an internal Battery.


Applications: Football, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball


Standards: EN 12235, EN 14904, EN 15330, FIFA 01, ASTM F2117, DIN 18032-2


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