Lisport Wear Tester XL

The 2016 XL wear tester has a new type of abrasive wear method pre described by the FIFA in their new 2015/2016 manual. Which simulates more realistic wearing on sport surfaces.

The Machine is equipped with a test section that imitates wear with two transverse rotating plates with rubber soles and additional two studded rollers on each side. The rollers are similar to the old studded versions but now with a blade pattern which is often used these days.

The machine is designed to meet real life wear on the surface due controlled speed of all parameters. The engineers at Deltec did studied the original specifications for a better, longer, user-friendly and safer test machine.



  • More realistic worn test sample.
  • A wider test area gives more test results to check.
  • It possible to test two samples allong in one test run.
  • Test duration is lower 3020 or 6020 cycles.
  • Special easy Deltec clamping & span system.
  • Build with Dutch quality.

Deltec equipment was the first manufacturer that build the 12 Meter Long by 1 Meter wide Lisport deluxe custom made. So with more than 10 year of experience Deltec equipment is the supply partner for the new Lisport XL 2016 wear machine. Deltec is a in depended manufacturer with as only goal to supply you with the best possible test equipment now and in the future!

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